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As with some of my other pictures, it won’t let me fix the source. This picture is mine, but I had uploaded it on my old account, so the source says the old url. I reblogged it onto this account so it would be added to my mine page.
Destinados a encontrarse, condenados a perderse. Lauren Kate, Oscuros. (via lions-northwest)

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La tierra sufre depresión y sobrepoblación de ratas, van armao’ hasta las patas y la gente aprende de amor con bachata ♫♪

I made this for the tigress of twitter, a formidable twerp who is funny and sexy. I’m born in year of the tiger, so i made it for me too:)  but i also made it to remember what tigers look like, as they hurtle down the path to extinction :(  
Así es el amar, hoy me amas con ganas, mañana ganas serán de olvidar Stigma ! (via cheloaerow)

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Ojerosa y sin gracia. (via hachedesilencio)

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